Blocked. Too Accessible?
On October 7, 2018 | 0 Comments

First of all, forget Facebook. Let me start there.

In my Readers group, I posted a photo of a throuple (if you watch Schitt’s Creek, then you know what this mean, but in case you don’t, then it’s three people in a relationship). The three people were taking part in some sexual activity, but I made sure to cover their sexual parts with ‘parental advisory’ stickers, but Facebook still was on that bullshit. Facebook blocked me from posting for three whole days. I was pissed because there are people who get to post murders, and people actually having sex, but I post a picture that goes along with a story of mine, and it’s gets me blocked.

Anyways, I can’t dwell on it, because I can’t do anything about it.

The purpose of this blog is because I have been wondering if I have been too accessible and spent way too much time on Facebook. Facebook packed on the hurt too because while I was blocked, I could still see everything that was going on. Some things that I wanted to comment on, but I couldn’t. Some things that I had been wanting to post, and Facebook swiftly reminded me that I couldn’t post anything. Grrr
What led to this blog, is the fact that I could see everything that has been going on, on my Facebook. People have been commenting on things, and tagging me in things, and because I can’t comment, people felt like I had been ignoring them. If you know me personally, I’d never ever ignore anyone purposely. (Well, it depends, but for the most part, I wouldn’t. LOL)

Have I been to accessible? Too accessible to the point where a few hours or days without responding to something means that I am ignoring you. What if something had been going on with my family, and I had been chilling with them? What if I was just taking a social media break? I love being able to speak to my readers on a day-to-day basis, but I feel like that has spoiled some readers into thinking that I am SUPPOSED to respond to everything. This moment has made me realize that I spend way too much time on social media.
That block has been more beneficial to my writing, more than I care to admit. I’m saddened that it took me being blocked to notice how much social media had been taking over my life. I was able to get so much more work done without being on social media. I think that I’m going to start scaling back my time on social media. It’s really nothing personal towards any of my readers, but I think that it is what’s best for me and my writing.

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