So, You Want to Leave A Review? Let’s Chat!
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So, You Want to Leave A Book Review? Let’s chat!

            Every day, I see a status on Facebook about leaving reviews.

            “What should the review say?”

            “Do y’all care about reviews?”

            “Why ask for reviews, if you can’t handle criticism?”

            “What is a five star review?”

Let’s start with the definition of Book Review.

The definition of Book Review according to is a “critical description, evaluation, or analysis of a book.”

Now that we know what a Book Review means, let me get back to those questions above.

What should the review say?

            A review should not be telling the whole plot of the book. Honestly, a good book review can literally be like fifty words or less. You should tell what you liked about the book, and also what you didn’t like. You can even discuss what you expect in the next book, if the book is part of a series.

Do y’all care about reviews?

            Me, as an author, I love reviews on MY books because there are people that only read books according to the reviews. Me, as a reader, I don’t care about reviews because there could a be a thousand five-star reviews on a book, and I don’t like it, and fifty two star reviews on a book, and I love it. So, I read books based on the title, and synopsis.

Why ask for reviews, if you can’t handle criticism?

            See this question… whew!

            See, there is this word call tact.  

            The definition of tact according to is “adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.”

            Here is what some people leave on reviews and think that it is constructive criticism.

            1 star: Oh my God! This book is horrible, and this author should never write another book ever. (People. Come on. For real? Seriously? If you think that’s constructive criticism, then… nvm, that’s another conversation for another day.)

            Here is how you tell someone with tact that their book wasn’t your cup of tea.

            1 star: This book was an ____ read. It could have been better if _____, ______, and ______.

            If you can only tell people about their book the first way under the guise of “That’s how I am as a person. I tell it like it IS” then, perhaps, my sistren… you have problems beyond reviewing a book, but that’s another blog for another day.

            Yes, reviews are for telling people what you like and didn’t like about the book, but reviews are also to help the author get better. How can telling someone, “you should never write a book again” going to help them? What if someone told you they didn’t like how you did something at your place of business, when you know that you’ve worked your ass off for the finished product. See, how that works!

            What is a five star review?

            For me, a five-star review is a book that kept me entertained and has minimal errors. (Cuz let’s face it. Sometimes both the author and the editors miss some things, SOMETIMES. If the errors didn’t take away from the story line or distract me, a lot, it’s still a five star. TO ME.) I don’t judge books by writing styles because everybody has a different writing style. For me, reading is a stress reliever, and way to unwind, so I don’t have a pen and paper in front of me writing down every time something is wrong with a book. If I can’t make it past the first few chapters of a book, then I simply return it to Amazon. (They do have that option)

            One last point: Review the book you read — not the book you wish the author had written.

            Sure, we all wanted Daniel, the businessman, and Grace to get married because he was a good man for her, but if Grace’s heart was with the hoodlum, Pap, and she left Daniel to get back with Pap, who are WE to judge. If the storyline was good, and kept you entertained, you shouldn’t penalize the author because the story didn’t go the way you wanted it to go.


            Thank you for reading.

Link to the article: Dealing with Criticism


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