So, You Loved that Book? Prove it!
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So, You Loved that Book? Prove it!

If you loved that book, tell people you loved that book.

This blog came about because I was talking to my bestie boo’s Asia Monique, and Tya Marie about which social media app gets them more readers out of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, orrr Word of Mouth. All of us agreed on Facebook/Word of Mouth. For me, if I had to give it a percentage, I would say Word of Mouth is sixty percent, and Facebook is forty percent.

I say Facebook is forty percent because every time someone drops a link of their new book, you’re going to get at least 50 people to share the link… I feel like out of those fifty people that share the link, about ten to twenty people, maybe less, are going to click the link because of the cover, title, & synopsis. (I’m talking about the people who has never read your work, not the people that’s already a reader of yours).

(Sharing links is going to be a part of another blog).


Word of mouth, to me, is the best way to get more readers. This is why every book I read from cover to cover, and rate it five stars, I write it down. I post my five-star reads every two weeks just to let people know that there are some dope ass authors out there that be getting skipped over.

I feel like people are more likely to read a book if twenty people are raving about how good it is versus twenty people sharing a link.

With Instagram, I haven’t had much success with getting new readers. I think I have gotten maybe three or four new readers from all the hashtags that I post with my covers.

With Twitter, I have gained a few readers because of a few tweets that I have made that have gone viral, and I plug my work in, and people give my work a try. Other than that, my book links get lost within black twitter tweets.

So, seriously, readers and authors, if you read a book, and simply enjoy it, please tell a friend to tell a friend. Make a small post big up’n the book. It could be in a reading group you are in, or a quick Facebook status. The more you brag about a book, the more traffic you bring to that book. So, again, if you loved that book, prove it!

That’s all,

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