Writer’s Block Ain’t It, Chief!
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Writer’s Block Crept Up on Ya?

            Lemmmmmeeeee tell ya some, Chief…Writer’s Block ain’t it. It just ain’t it.

If you have been writing for a hot lil minute like me, then at some point during a book, writer’s block crept up on ya like a robber.

When I first experienced writer’s block, I was in the middle of my twelfth book. “Can’t Hide from Love 4.”

I was scared.

I couldn’t write for shit.

Like, the most I had wrote in like five days was like a hundred words, if that. I was like, “brain, what the fuck is going on withchu? You know what you want the story to be about. You know what you want to happen in the story. Why can’t you translate that into the document?”

I have to add that I was under a lot of stress to write because at the time I had just became a full-time writer, and I placed myself under a lot of pressure to release a book every month… because, coin.

But here are a few things that helped me, and STILL helps me to overcome writer’s block.

  • Take a break.
    • When I say take a break, I mean actually take a break to clear your head. Maybe leave the house and go get a massage or something. Shut the computer down and don’t even think about writing. In the beginning this is something that I had to make myself do… I had to make myself take a break and not think about writing. It really helps decrease all the clutter in your brain. Earlier this year, I went on a two-month hiatus and it felt amazing. During that time, I didn’t think about writing, or any of that. I went on a vacation with the guy, and friends. I didn’t think about deadlines or any of that, and when I came home, I was able to pump out my first 80k+ Romance… Take Me As I Am in like two weeks. Breaks are totally worth it. Trust me.

     -Listen to music

  • When I listen to music to help with writer’s block, I put on a song that matches my emotions or the character’s emotions at the point of the book, I stopped at. During one point of my writer’s block with Can’t Hide From Love 4, Nahlij was sick because he found out that he lost his baby son, found out that his wife lost his twins that she was pregnant with, and he almost lost his wife in a very tragic car accident. I was stuck because I couldn’t figure how to make my readers FEEL that scene. It took me at least two days to write that scene because I kept erasing it and rewriting it. So, before I could begin to channel those emotions, I listened to Luther Vandross song ‘Dance with My Father.’ If you have heard that song, then you know LUTHA sang that song, ok!! It brings tears to my eyes every time.

-Take A Walk/Exercise

  • Working out helps me with writer’s block because when I’m on that treadmill running (in my mind, but in reality, I’m walking fast. LOL) I close my eyes for small moments at a time and picture myself inside of my story. Like, “Okay, Bee, you’re here, now what? What else you want to happen? You’re in the hospital with Nahlij and Trenae. You’re looking at Nahlij stare down at his wife in the hospital bed, what would you want to hear him say to her?” Working out help me think this freely because of the endorphins my brain is releasing when my heart rate goes up.

-Free Write

  • I don’t normally free write about the book that’s giving me writer’s block. I write up a whole new cast of people in third person, and most times when I’m free writing, something randomly pops in my head to write for the story that’s giving me writer’s block. If you have read BriAnn Danae and I’s short story about Rhylo and Maddison, that is a result of us just free writing. You never know what story you can come up with by free writing.


Whenever I am going through writer’s block, I do one or all of these things. A couple of honorable mentions are

-Going to the mall: When I am walking around the mall, I know for a fact that I am bound to see or hear something that belongs right in the middle of an Urban Fiction book.

            -Meditate: This is another way that I clear my mind. I use the app Relax Melodies on the iPhone.

-Call the guy: My guy works in a hospital, and I didn’t know that the hospital is one of the most ‘drama’d out’(I learned this phrase while living in Duval. I like saying it. LOL) places that you can work.

Hopes that this helps some of you.

If you want me to blog about something specific, or have a question, you can email me at [email protected]. Everything will be one thousand percent anon.


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