Remaining Neutral
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Remaining Neutral
2 in 1 blog post.

1st part.
This blog crossed my mind when I saw a tweet that posed this question, “How many of you are friends with the same people you were friends with in high school?”
I sat and thought about the people who I was actually cool with in high school. When I say cool with, I mean people who I talked to daily about personal shit. It was a handful, but if I had to count on one hand how people I talk to now, whether it’s daily or when I’m home (Arkansas) for the holidays, or even just a birthday text, it’s still just a few. I graduated high school in 2010. The people who I don’t talk too like that anymore, it’s nothing personal, really. Sometimes friendships grow apart. People get married, have kids, and sometimes life takes people in totally different directions, and again, that’s okay. Even though me and my best friends all live in different states, I’m grateful for the technology to be able to talk to them and see them whenever we have time.
How many of you are friends with the same people you were friends with in high school? If not, how did it end? Bad or good?

2nd Part
Also, while thinking about that question, I also thought about being cool with someone who is cool with someone who you are not fond of. I used to be one of those people who thought that I would never be cool with someone who is cool with someone I don’t fuck with until I became the person that a lot of people is cool with, and some of the people that’s cool with me don’t like each other. Some people don’t want to be cool with people who are cool with people they don’t like, and that’s really okay. I understand that to the fullest.
I remain neutral in situations like this by not talking about the person they don’t like to them, even if it’s good news. I don’t even want to open the door for the other person to even mention them at all. Why? Because things can get misconstrued this way. People have to remember that just because you see someone as a best friend, doesn’t mean that person see you as a best friend. In a lot of cases, your best friend has a best friend, which means, conversations get replayed to other people, and some things get left out, and some things get added. Ya know.
Most people would ask, “how can you be cool with people who fuck with people you not cool with? Like, what if that person decides to tell your business?” The thing about that is: the best kept secret is a secret kept to yourself. Anytime you tell anybody anything, it’s a risk that someone else may find out about it, because like I said before, your best friend may have a best friend. With me, I don’t tell anyone anything that I wouldn’t want anyone knowing. There is shit that I have done, that I’m going to take to my grave, never telling a soul.
I’ve rambled enough.
Stay neutral…


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