End of Year Reflection Tings.
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2018 Reflection & 2019 Goals. 


December 31, 2018, I made it.

Last year this time, I made several literary goals for the year of 2018.

-Write at least five best sellers.

-Publish at least ten books

-Make at least 100K

-Prep to open a publishing company.

-Gain more readers/have a poppin’ readers group.

-Read at least 200 books.

-Write a Romance novel.

-Write a Paranormal novel.

-Write an Interracial novel.

-Write an Erotica.

When I look over my list of goals for 2018, I realized that I surpassed most of my goals by a landslide except for writing a Paranormal and Interracial novel. I only read a couple books over my projected 200, but I met my Goodreads challenge. Looking back over this year, I couldn’t believe that I had set that many goals and met them. I feared those goals because I had never set so many goals at one time before. As far as the publishing company, my new baby is set to open on January 3rd, 2019. Which just so happens to be my three-year signing anniversary with Royalty Publishing House. I’m so proud of myself for working to get this done. If I sign one person, that would be alright with me.  At this point in my career, I want to help others more than I have been doing.  Make sure you ‘Like’ Bianca Xaviera Presents (https://www.facebook.com/BXPresents/?modal=admin_todo_tour)  on Facebook and follow the company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biancaxavierapresents/ for the upcoming releases.


My goals for 2019 is

-Write a Paranormal novel.

-Write an Interracial Novel.

-Make $250k

-Get more of my books into libraries.

-Sign at least ten people to my publishing company.

There are a couple of changes that I plan on making for my literary career for 2019 and one of them is to use my mailing list a lot more than I have been doing. Make sure you text ‘BIANCA’ to 66866 to get subscribed, so you won’t miss anything important. Not like I have been doing this a lot, but I won’t acknowledge any negativity or shade that anyone throws at me or my books. I’m down for a conversation if you want, but if you want to continue that type of negativity, then, continue, but I won’t be acknowledging it. And I would hope that anyone who is close to me would not bring it to me.

I also PLAN to drop series closer together IF the calendar permits. So, don’t be mad if I go months without releasing books, ok? I also PLAN to write longer series (word count), but I’m also a firm believer of not writing when my characters not talking, so don’t hold me too tight to that.

As of right now, I don’t have any book events on my schedule. It doesn’t mean that it won’t change, but for time being my schedule is clear of book events.

Cheers to 2018.

Ready and prepared for 2019.

Peace, Love, and Blessings…


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