New Year. Mind Your Own Plate.
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New Year. Mind Your OWN Plate.

            Let me just jump right in!

It’s so easy to blame your shortcomings on other people and the things that they do because it takes all the heat off of you. All last year, I had been reading stat after stat about people’s shortcomings and they had been blaming everybody and everything, instead of pointing the finger back at themselves. (THIS IS NOT FOR EVERY SITUATION) but for a good chunk of shit, yes.

In the literary world…

I see a good chunk of people talking about people not reading their books, and etc…

What are you doing right now that’s making people want to read your book? Are you posting snippets of your book, or are you just posting the cover to your book and thinking that it’s enough for people want to read your book?

I truly hate this… really hate this… because I feel like you should be able to separate the work from the personal, but in this current climate of social media, everyone rips everything y0u say apart, especially if they don’t agree (ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON’T AGREE). I say that to say this… are you sitting around complaining about people not reading your book and trying to shade other authors in the process? I know as a reader, that will turn me off from wanting to interact with anything you do. Like, don’t be mad at Judy because people always read her work. Kindly ask Judy if she has any advice on how to gain more readers.

What I have found that works for me? Sponsoring a post or a really good snippet of the book and sponsor that as well. Being active in my readers group, letting your readers know that they are important to you. I get it. You wish that things could go back to the old generation where our favorite authors didn’t talk to us, but as much as you hate it, times have changed. Keep up. Even if you have some type of discussion in your group once or twice a week, let your readers know that they matter to you. Especially if you don’t drop a book every month or sooner, the more you communicate with them, the more understanding SOME of them become. The biggest thing is being consistent. I know most people would say, “Oh, we waited six months for a series from such and such and such.” As I said earlier, this is a microwave climate now, everyone wants something quick, AND most authors that did that already had thousands waiting for their book, and they were going to read it anyway, no matter how much they complained. If you barely have an established readers base, I’m sorry, but you can’t wait six months to drop a part two. I’m not saying that making your readers wait six months for anything is right, so don’t confuse the two, I’m just trying to explain the difference between an established author and a new author. Another thing that worked for me was being supportive of other authors, past sharing their links.  I read a whole lot. Every two weeks, I post dope ass books that I read and that I think everyone should read. I put my cape on for good books because I know making other’s light bright is not going to dim mine. I’m a word of mouth person as well, and if I see people raving about your book, I’m going to get it… end of story. It doesn’t hurt to big-up other authors. I’m not saying this is one hundred percent science, I’m just speaking on what worked for ME! Being GENUINELY supportive of others, being active on social media, not shading other authors, being CONSISTENT, and sponsoring links/snippets from the book.

My advice to every author who feels like they are getting overlooked: Your time is coming! I swear to you, that one book that someone is going to pick up and be like… “oh shit, everybody got to read this book” is coming. So many people are going to read that one book and next thing you know, your whole catalog is going to take off and move up in the charts. You have to be patient in this industry. I know it’s easier said than done when it seems like everyone around you is taking off and your career seems stagnant. Please keep writing because your time is coming.

Focus on YOUR plate and YOUR plate alone. You focus on someone else’s plate, you won’t be to see what’s on yours 😊


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