Popularity Over Talent…
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Popularity Over Talent…

This statement is popular over the book industry and I have been wanting to say something about this for a long time. A status on Facebook would have been too long, so I decided to put it in a blog.


My good sisters… I’m saying this with all the love in the world.


That’s not saying that the underrated people are NOT talented because they are! It’s just not their time to shine yet because I do believe that there are so many underrated authors, but I can only do so much promoting for them. I can’t force people to read their work. If I read a book that’s good, I tell people about it.

You have to realize that just because other people books are not YOUR cup of tea, that don’t mean that it’s not a thousand other folks cup of tea. You sitting up here worried about other people work is one of the main reasons why people not fucking with yours. You have to focus on your own craft instead of worrying about the “popular” people because I can guarantee you that a great deal of them are not worried about you. You don’t need to busy yourself with what the other people are reading because when your time to shine come, you ain’t even going to be worried about “popularity over talent”.

Personally, nobody started fucking with me until my ninth book. Nobody started fucking with me heavily until my eighteenth book, almost a year and a half after I started writing. When nobody was fucking with me, I wasn’t going around talking about other people and how their work wasn’t good, or blah blah blah. I was reading their work trying to figure out what the people wanted to read and reading books trying to perfect my craft. I wasn’t complaining about people not reading my work, I was doing my best trying to make my shit work. I know that everyone wants to be different and write different shit, and claim how you so different from other writers, but sometimes you have to “fake it til you make it.” Sometimes you might have to write about shit you don’t want to write about until you build your readers base up enough til’ people will support you regardless. I didn’t delve into Romance until I felt comfortable enough with my readers base to take them into another genre, and surprisingly, they accepted it, and I’m so grateful for them.

Also, this writing shit is a word of mouth industry. All it takes is for ten people who read your book to tell ten other people to read your work, and so on and so forth and next thing you know everybody is reading your work and before long, you are going to have your best seller. (Again, this is why every two weeks, I post my five-star reads. I want everybody to get their shine).

This is a business. As a customer, I don’t want to see a business owner getting on the internet and complaining about how people are not supporting them, and how so many bad books hit number one. As a customer, I don’t even want to shop with you if you are downing another person business. Like, why? Why? I encourage all of you to ask yourself why, before you post about other people and what they are reading. What other people are reading have absolutely nothing to do with you and your book.

There are people who only post their book covers and links and go, not even interacting with social media and hit number one. Why? Because people know when they read their work, they are going to get entertainment and quality. There are people who are overly active on social media, drop and book, and it don’t do nothing on the charts because people are more interested in your social media shenanigans than your writing, so…

On one hand, it’s popularity over talent, and on the other, you don’t care about charting. Is it oochie wally or is it one mic?

Anyways… at the end of the day, when your time come, no one will be able to stop it. Focus on yourself.

Have a good day.

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