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I’ll Always Belong To You 2

by: Bianca

After finding out that her husband has been living a double life, one that included one of her close friends, Dr. Erica doesn’t know if she can continue to be with Bishop. He hurt her more than words can explain, and she’s not sure if she’ll be able to forgive him. Bishop tries to explain the situation, but will that stop Erica from signing on the dotted line? Dr. Grace is enjoying being with Exodus, but she has trust issues, and after going through his phone, she isn’t sure if Exodus is ready to be in a committed relationship. Exodus goes through great lengths to show Grace he’s ready, but will that be enough to keep Grace on his side?


Meet the Author
Bianca Jones, twenty-five-year-old Authoress, from a small town called Lake Village, Arkansas, has always had a passion for reading. Since she was taught how to read, Bianca has always had a book in her hand.
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“I’ll Always Belong To You 2”

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