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Jholee & Kiandre 2: A Gangsta And His Good Girl

by: Bianca
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Friends to lovers to nothing at all…

After TK saves Jholee’s life on what would have been a botched trip to Dubai, the pair have grown closer than what Jholee ever imagined they would. Despite everything the people around her are telling her, Jholee decides to pursue a relationship with TK, but little does she know TK is not on the same page as her.

Do you believe in soul ties?

TK never believed in soul ties until Jholee gets into his psyche. While TK knows his soul is tied to Jholee, he still wants to have his cake and eat it too. Between wanting Jholee, not wanting to hurt her, and having his other women at the same time, TK is going through a series of emotions having multiple women would have never brought out of him


Meet the Author
Bianca Jones, twenty-five-year-old Authoress, from a small town called Lake Village, Arkansas, has always had a passion for reading. Since she was taught how to read, Bianca has always had a book in her hand.
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