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Jholee & Kiandre: A Gangsta And His Good Girl

by: Bianca
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What are you willing to do for your family?

For Jholee Marshall, that question has always been easy to answer: Anything. At twenty-two years old, Jholee had given up everything, including her full-time hours at school, her apartment, her expensive bags, and her car after her drug dealing dad’s indiscretions put their family in a bind that blindsided them all. With everything that Jholee had given up, that still wasn’t enough for her family to get back to normal, and after her dad shut down the thought of her taking her clothes off for money, she only had one thing left to sell: her virginity.


Meet the Author
Bianca Jones, twenty-five-year-old Authoress, from a small town called Lake Village, Arkansas, has always had a passion for reading. Since she was taught how to read, Bianca has always had a book in her hand.
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Publisher: Royalty Publishing House
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  1. B More Like Law

    First of all that ending! Whew I can’t believe you left us hanging like this. This book was so good and reminded me why Bianca is my #1. I like how the book showed the different aspect of her writing, with it first being in 3rd person and 2nd not having the usual steamy sex scenes, it just showed there’s so much to her writing. The book was written almost flawlessly with only 2 slips to 1st person.
    Jo was so green and Dre was so good that their personalities compliment one another almost too perfectly, I love it. I would have liked a little cameo of the brother and some type of interaction with Jo since he played such a pivotal part in the story. Sad to see it end, hope is ok

  2. Sharene Price

    Jholee is naive asf… gosh I hate how she has no damn common sense. She’s getting played every which way but the right way. Chey needs a straight beat down. Sabrina is a money hungry bih.. Riley is a lost cause. She screams bestfriend but yet she’s sleeping with Major. I love Tk he really is into Jholee. I wander why her dad had her so sheltered. It will be messed up if she gets gang-raped. But Riley is money hungry too. She isn’t doing this just for her dad she wants her old lifestyle back at whatever cost. Including her precious gift…Can’t wait for book 2. I honestly hope she gets everything her young dumb azz looking for.

  3. Deelon08

    Omg how naive could you be Jholee!? This 22 year old had me shaking my head in disbelief at the end of this book. Tk/dre/Kiandre, if he doesn’t do something about Chey crazy self, she’s going to kill him. I understand Jholee wanting to help the family out, but her father is going to die once he catches wind of where she’s going. Geez, with friends like Riley who needs enemies. She gets mad about Jholee and TK but she’s not worried about her scandalous ways with Major. Everybody knows everybody in this book. The storyline is so jaw dropping to me because I just can’t get over how green Jholee is. This Fahad person, TK mom Sabrina and Chey and Chas need proper butt whoppins asap. Will we see Joe-Lee jr in the next book? How is Jholee going to get out of this situation intact? TK is already nuts so I can probably predict he’s going to do something off the chain. There were plenty of jaw dropping, shaking my head moments in this book. I’m side eyeing Octavia too because there’s no way I’m letting Jholee take flight and not telling somebody or slapping some sense into her. Jholee should’ve taken some boxing lessons too

  4. Nadia Adams

    Jholee for her dad to have been running the streets he surely left his namesake gullible. I’m trying to figure out why Lonetta lazy but couldn’t go find work. TK I pray that he’s some where in the shadows because this has Sabrina’s name all over it…..Whew this is ggggoooddd.

  5. Ja Solucian 🇱🇨

    Phew, what a ride with these 2. First of all, why was jholee so sheltered, I hated how naive and timid she was. I really need her to grow some balls and common sense. That ending though, I hope someone gets to her in time. I loved Tk’s confidence, he didn’t back down for no one, not even joe-lee. I can’t wait for Chey’s ass to get beat, Riley and Sabrina need one too. This read kept me so engrossed throughout, can’t wait to see how things unfold.