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You Ain’t Gotta Be Perfect: Currency & Ree’s Love Story

by: Bianca

One to do things by the book, Adoree Watkins has always followed the rules. Adoree wants to be a marine biologist and has every detail of her life planned. Her NFL bound boyfriend, Jerrod, has been in her life since the ninth grade. Jerrod loves Adoree, but when he starts to step out their relationship, does she find out? Does Jerrod do something drastic to keep Adoree in his life? Adoree bumps into a tatted-up stranger, who she knows she needs to stay far away from, but the more she tries to stay away, the more she is drawn to him. Will she allow this sexy man to draw her in even with her boyfriend Jerrod in the picture?


Meet the Author
Bianca Jones, twenty-five-year-old Authoress, from a small town called Lake Village, Arkansas, has always had a passion for reading. Since she was taught how to read, Bianca has always had a book in her hand.
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“You Ain’t Gotta Be Perfect: Currency & Ree’s Love Story”

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