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    Friends to lovers to nothing at all…

    After TK saves Jholee’s life on what would have been a botched trip to Dubai, the pair have grown closer than what Jholee ever imagined they would. Despite everything the people around her are telling her, Jholee decides to pursue a relationship with TK, but little does she know TK is not on the same page as her.

    Do you believe in soul ties?

    TK never believed in soul ties until Jholee gets into his psyche. While TK knows his soul is tied to Jholee, he still wants to have his cake and eat it too. Between wanting Jholee, not wanting to hurt her, and having his other women at the same time, TK is going through a series of emotions having multiple women would have never brought out of him

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    What are you willing to do for your family?

    For Jholee Marshall, that question has always been easy to answer: Anything. At twenty-two years old, Jholee had given up everything, including her full-time hours at school, her apartment, her expensive bags, and her car after her drug dealing dad’s indiscretions put their family in a bind that blindsided them all. With everything that Jholee had given up, that still wasn’t enough for her family to get back to normal, and after her dad shut down the thought of her taking her clothes off for money, she only had one thing left to sell: her virginity.

    Jholee & Kiandre: A Gangsta And His Good Girl by: Bianca $12.00
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    Young and ambitious, Somaya Elliot had a bright future ahead of her. So bright, she was
    blinded by the persistent and ever so charming, Issac Rosenberg. Unable to resist his charm, Somaya goes against her parents’ demands and dates him anyway.

    Years later, she’s deep into a relationship she can’t see herself escaping from. Everything that once glittered, has lost its shine, and the man she fell in love with is no longer the same.

    Will Somaya be able to flee her once fairytale lifestyle, or will it leave her scarred?

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    Taiwan has finally gotten her freedom and her life back, or so she thinks. After learning more about Frank and his troubled life, she becomes more connected to him than ever. Romero is not one who likes to lose. Romero is not backing down and will do whatever he has to do to get Taiwan back, even if it means taking away the people that she’s closest to.

    Frank’s childhood trauma is coming back to haunt him in more ways than one. The last straw is when his trauma causes him to almost hurt someone who he cares about deeply, prompting him to go underground to handle his business and get himself together.

    Insane Love 3 by: Bianca $12.90
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    After receiving a botched proposal from Romero, Taiwan sees an opening to leave her sugar daddy and seizes it, once she’s landed back in her home city. Her heart is telling her this is the best decision to make for her happiness, while her heart is also telling her this won’t be the last she sees of Romero. Any worries she has dissolve at the appearance of Frank, whose crazy demeanor brings about a strong surge of nostalgia. Taiwan’s main reason for leaving the comfort of her Italian paradise is to build a family of her own. Her only worry is that Romero may come after her to take her back to Italy. The question is will she return and accept the security that comes with being a kept woman or chase what her heart desires?

    Frank is on high alert when it comes to Alex. With the current stress of his relationship wearing him out, Frank is happy to see Taiwan, who hasn’t changed a bit since they last saw each other. He expects her sudden appearance to bring out the worst in Alex but is pleasantly surprised when she makes a proposition that Frank can’t refuse. Frank is open to the idea of having his cake and eating it too, so open that he can’t see the plan Alex has brewing for the unsuspecting pair. Kharisma has come up with a foolproof plan for the trio to secure the bag and walk away unscathed. The problem is will they be able to, knowing they will leave behind a trail of broken hearts?

    An Insane Love 2 by: Bianca $12.99
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    From the outside looking in, one would never guess that Franklin Wade has suffered through his share of traumas at the hands of life and circumstance. From a young child up until his teenage years, Frank struggles to find love and was lucky to find it in Alexandria Ware. While the secretive Frank doesn’t make her privy to his past, he loves Alex in his own way and plans to make her part of his future. Frank is convinced that after five years of being together, Alex is the one for him, but little does he know, she has an agenda of her own. While dealing with Frank’s emotionally unavailable nature, Alex’s love for him is purely conditional and has an expiration date set on whenever her boyfriend is finished stacking his money. Despite her fleeting feelings for Frank, she has no problem using him as an ATM, but when her boyfriend comes up with a plan for the perfect payday for them, will she end up on the wrong side of Frank’s love story?
    While Frank is building with Alex, Taiwan is living in Italy with her sugar daddy of over a decade, Romero Santiago. Being the sugar baby of a well-known cartel leader has its perks, and while Taiwan is enjoying the perks of her lifestyle, she finds herself craving more. As she approaches thirty, expensive trips and shopping trips courtesy of AMEX no longer enthrall her the way they did in her younger years.

    An Insane Love by: Bianca $12.99
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    For the majority of her life, Nykee James, 27, hasn’t had to question what her calling is on this Earth. Being a librarian and a self-made entrepreneur is what she lives for. Her parents and boyfriend Roland of four years however, aren’t as supportive of her dreams. When Roland does the unthinkable, Nykee is left with just the clothes on her back and is forced into a dilemma that her feisty mouth and alluring looks can’t save her from.

    Handsome and business-savvy Cuban native, Thiago ‘Phresh’ Avila, 30, is focused on one thing only: making money. In a bind with one of the biggest Cartels, he and his brother Santino are grinding hand over fist to clear their family’s name. When Nykee runs into Phresh, he willingly offers help in exchange for her to keep quiet about a secret she that she becomes privy of.b

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    Whoever said love was enough, lied.

    Married fresh out of high school, Xander ‘Xan’ and Tomelia ‘Tomi’ Williams are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. With a bond thicker than most, Xan and Tomi are committed to the vows they took, or at least they thought they were until the aisle they walked down separates, taking them on opposite paths.

    Stuck caring for his ailing parents, Xan foregoes college and enters the workforce to pay for their piling medical bills. The jobs that he works are dead end and pay very little, but Xan doesn’t mind as long as his parents are taken care of. Xan loves Tomi within the depths of his soul and couldn’t wish for a more loyal lady

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    What is supposed to be a reconnection for her and the start of a new life for him turns into a steamy love affair on a luxurious Mexican resort.

    With their marriage facing rocky waters, Avian Linzy decides that what her and her husband, Marcellus, need is a trip to Mexico to set their union right again. However, on the day that they are set to leave, Marcellus announces to Avian that he wants a divorce. Broken hearted, Avian isn’t sure that she should go through with the vacation, but with the urging of her best friend, Lakeisha, she boards the plane to Mexico, alone. Lakeisha believes this trip can help Avian heal, but Avian remains skeptic until she unexpectedly meets the handsome Casyrius Knowlton.

    Casyrius Knowlton is a man of means and has no problem getting what he wants, including his current position as a sports agent. In Mexico, Casyrius is planning to marry his high school sweetheart, Kiami Green. Casyrius’s love for Kiami runs deep, but that doesn’t stop him from having doubts when it comes to their upcoming nuptials. The ties to their relationship are hanging on by a slim thread, but completely snap when a would-be tragic event lands Avian in Casyrius’s arms. Literally.

    Take Me As I Am by: Bianca $12.99
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    I hated rich men.
    They are all arrogant and think you are supposed to bow down to them.
    Until I was accosted by Travis.
    Travis Spencer III: Handsome, extremely wealthy, and very smart.
    He dates women that are extremely beautiful and equally as rich, and I am way out of his league.
    Our one night together was a complete mistake.

    I promised my family that I would leave the younger ladies alone, but then I ran into Kriss.
    Kriss was everything I never knew I needed.
    How dare she thinks that we are non-compatible?
    After our one night together, I wanted more and I was going to get it… by any means necessary.

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